You can select "Pay As You Go" and pay for one Certificate at a time. However if you are after a good bargain, you can purchase a certificate pack of more than one Certificate. Our certificate packs do not have an expiry date.

So, if you do 50 Certificates in a year and if you purchase a certificate pack of 150 Certificates, your credit will last for three years. Our smart system counts and informs you regarding the number of certificates you have completed each time you commence a new application.

Number of Certificates Fee Per Certificate (Incl. GST) Total Amount
(Incl. GST)
1 $97.50 $97.50
10 $88.00 $880.00
25 $77.00 $1,925.00
50 $70.00 $3,500.00
100 $55.00 $5,500.00